MTCO Communications
      Game Server Rental

$49 per month
 No player limits or bandwidth/transfer caps. Public or private servers all one price.
 Our servers are not shared. Your server runs ONLY your game to ensure best performance.
 Includes all the hardware, software, & bandwidth you need to run your own dedicated game server.
Server PC/Hardware
Full Remote Access Via VNC
Powered by multiple gigabit connections
500 megs of Web space
10 E-mail Addresses
Virus/Spam Filtering
Remote Power Cycle Interface
Visa, MasterCard, or Discover is required for payments.
$50 Setup fee and first two months of service is due when the server goes live.

3.0 Ghz Intel, 40gb HDD, 1024MB Ram, Windows 7

100mb Full-Duplex to server.
Multiple gigabit connections to Chicago.
You are allowed to run up to 3 games on each server as long as they are of legal status and customer must install 2nd and 3rd game. If MTCO must install there will be a a setup fee of $50.00 per game. The monthly fee will stay the same at $49/mo. Examples: rFactor, Arca SimRacing, Call of Duty 4

You are allowed to run multiple instances of each game on the same server - the monthly fee will stay the same at $49/mo. Teamspeak is allowed to run on our servers however you must adhere to their licensing policies.

Hosting services are not allowed on any game server. These would include http, email, and ftp.
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MTCO Gaming Servers have everything you need to run your own dedicated game server including hardware, software, remote access, and more! Multiple gigabit connections to the 'net' provides plenty of bandwidth and our Central Illinois location puts us geographically center to both East and West Coast gamers.
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