EzPhotW is a Windows based program aimed at automating much of the tedious 
work reducing CCD images for use in stellar photometry. EzPhotW will automatically 
reduce and align multiple CCD images of star fields to magnitudes and perform differential 

When I bought my CCD camera, I was excited about the possibilities of doing photometry on many 
stars at once, since I had been previously limited to aperture photometry with a photomultiplier tube 
photometer. When I started reducing the large amount of data in the CCD image frames, I 
immediately began thinking about a better way. EZPHOT is the beginings of that better way. A 
program of this sort will constantly evolve to perform better. Suggestions are always welcome. New 
releases will add many more features. 

What is EZPHOTW?

EZPHOTW.EXE is a software tool to enable automatic photometry of CCD image frames. At this 
time it will recognize FITS files and SBIG files. If you want to suggest any other file formats, please 
send me mail. EzPhotW will do differential photometry on a variable, comparison and check star
of your choosing. 

How Does EZPHOTW Work?

EZPHOTW.EXE inputs a image file, applies a flat field if specified, finds all the stars in an image and 
then performs aperture photometry on the image. EZPHOTW then can align them into the same 
coordinate system. 

Many thanks to Dan Kaiser for his beta testing and use of his CCD image library. Included in the 
.ZIP file are three images of AD_And from Dan.

To download a beta test version dated 08/03/1999 of EZPHOTW for Win95/98/NT about 923Kb click here

View EZPHOT.DOC documentation file for detailed operating instructions.

Any Questions?? jgunn@mtco.com