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last modified: December 04 2018
 MTCO backbone
 Business Fiber Optic (construction ready area)
Green - High-Speed Internet
This is our ADSL coverage area for Broadserv high-speed internet offering up to 10 Mbps service. Pricing and options vary depending on location.
Blue - digiMAX Internet & TV
This is our VDSL coverage area for digiMAX services for voice, internet up to 50 Mbps, and TV.
Orange - digiMAX Fiber Internet & TV
This is our fiber to the home coverage area for digiMAX voice, internet up to 1 (that's 1000 Mbps!), and TV. We can accept requests for new service (pre-subscription agreements) in this area; however the process to get fiber to customer homes involves several steps and takes time to complete since MTCO buries all services underground. Current workload, rain, and frozen conditions during winter months, all play a factor in the amount of time it takes for service installation to be completed in these areas. If you are moving into the area or building a new home in this area, please contact us months in advance if possible so we can do our best to accommodate your move-in date.
Yellow - digiMAX Fiber COMING SOON!
This is our "coming soon" fiber to the home coverage area. This is where we can accept pre-subscription agreements for digiMAX Fiber voice, internet up to 1 (that's 1000 Mbps!), and TV. This means our outside crew will soon be working in these areas to take the fiber facilities to customer homes that have pre-subscribed. It's ideal to pre-subscribe at this time so customer homes can be included while the outside crew is actively working in the area.
Red - MTCO backbone
This denotes MTCO backbone runs.
Purple - Business Fiber Optic (construction ready area)
Although MTCO offers business Fiber services in ALL of our Fiber Internet service areas, our "extended service area" also offers Business Class Fiber Internet and Voice services. Installation and construction fees do apply in this area. Internet plans, synchronous bandwidth up to 1GIGABIT and layer 2 connectivity up to 1 GIGABIT are all available in this Fiber service area. Contact an MTCO Business Service Representative for a quote. click here or call 309-366-6115.