E-mail Dashboard User Guide
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[Table of Contents]
Log into the MTCO E-mail Dashboard
Desktop login

If you are logging in through the desktop version of the MTCO website (pictured right)
Mobile login

If you are logging in through the mobile version of the MTCO website (pictured right)

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Spam Management In digiMAX E-mail Dashboard
This gives you control of your Spam List, Spam Logs and Quarantined/Spam Mail.
On the resulting screen you can select your Personal Spam Settings including the level of spam management as well as edit spam lists as follows:
Select Spam Level Tolerance

Edit Spam Lists
  • To access the lists click on
    Show More
  • (Located under the green Enabled box on the right side of the screen)

Click on one of the 3 options listed in the Edit Spam Lists box as described below.
  • Subject Blacklist
    A blacklist is a list of items that will cause a message to be marked as spam.

    This option allows you to enter common spam message subject lines that you would like delivered directly to your spam folder. When a message is delivered to your mailbox that has a subject line that matches an entry added to the blacklist, it will be automatically blocked as spam.
  • From Blacklist
    A blacklist is a list of items that will cause a message to be marked as spam.

    This option allows you to add specific e-mail addresses that you would like delivered directly to your spam folder. When an incoming e-mail address matches your blacklist, the message will never be delivered to your inbox and will go directly to spam.
  • From Whitelist
    A whitelist is a list that will cause any messages that match it to be automatically accepted and delivered to your inbox.

Once you have selected to edit one of the 3 available Spam Lists you will be presented with a pop up box which will allow you to add items to your list. To add an item type it into the Enter new value text box. When applicable, mark the Server and Mailbox to denote how you would like your spam to be identified.

Checking the Server box will match how the sender identifies themselves to the email server regardless of what might be visible in the "From" field of the e-mail. Checking the Mailbox option will match what appears in the "From" field of the e-mail.

Note: When you are adding items to your From: Blacklist or From: Whitelist you can allow either a portion of or all the e-mail address. For example, entering will allow all mail from that domain (it will allow both and You may also choose to use the full e-mail address which will only allow that e-mail address in question. You NEVER want to enter a domain such as an Internet provider such as '' or an e-mail provider such as '' as this will allow ALL e-mail from these domains to be sent to your inbox including spam!

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Anti-Virus Protection
Anti-virus is on by default and can’t be disabled.

MTCO believes that Virus Protection is important for the health of our users, and the Internet as a whole. Because of this, we have decided to provide this service free of charge with your account.
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Spam Logs
This page displays how many spam messages are being blocked by your current Anti-Spam settings at the SMTP server (MTCO) and at your Mailbox. The number of messages blocked yesterday, in the last fifteen days, and in the last thirty days are shown.
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Spam/Quarantined Mail In digiMAX E-Mail Dashboard View
Select the message(s) you would like to permanently delete or deliver to your inbox, and then click the corresponding button.

To view the message, click on the subject.
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Spam/Quarantined Mail digiMAX Webmail View
You can also choose to control your spam in your MTCO digiMAX Webmail web-based e-mail interface if this is your preferred method of checking e-mail.

Select the message(s) you would like to delete or move, and then click the corresponding button.

To view the message, click on the subject. If you would like to allow the e-mail marked as spam, click on Allow Sender. This will flag the sender’s e-mail as clean and will deliver it directly to the inbox moving forward.

Note: This will allow the full e-mail address only to be White Listed should you want all mail to come from this sender you would need to allow the domain by going to Spam Settings. (see From Whitelist section above to add a domain to the white list)
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My E-mail Options
This allows you to see the list of email addresses that use this email box add/delete forwarding email addresses and set a vacation message.
  • click on
    My Email Options

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Email Addresses Using Mailbox
This table shows the list of email addresses that use this email box.
  • Email: The email address that redirects incoming email to this email box
  • Spam Check
    • Enabled: Spam Check is done to incoming emails.
    • Disabled: Spam Check is not applied to incoming emails.
    • Unavailable: Spam Check feature is not available.
  • Virus Check
    • Enabled: Virus Check is done to incoming emails.
    • Disabled: Virus Check is not applied to incoming emails.
    • Unavailable: Virus Check feature is not available.
  • Delivered To: Email addresses that incoming emails to this mailbox will be forwarded to.
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Vacation Message/Auto Responder
The vacation message feature will automatically reply to emails you receive with the custom subject and message body that you enter in the form.

This is useful if you are going to be away from your email or would like an automatic reply to all emails you receive. Please note that this feature is not selective. It will send a response to every email received in your account. HTML email is not allowed in this form. Your Auto Responder will be text-only.
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Server Side Delivery Filters
Email delivery filters allow you to control how incoming messages are sorted and organized. E.g. filter by subject or sender to be moved to a special folder.

By using server side filters, this means it will take effect on all the different email clients you might use.

Remember, filters are checked in order, and the first filter that matches will end further filter checking. You can create filters based on a combination of criteria
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Security Options
This allows you to change passwords, manage security policies, and manage email access by country.
  • click on
    Security Options

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Change Password
You can use this form to change the password for your account. To do this, you will need to know your existing password. If you do not know your current password, please contact support for assistance.

Passwords have a minimum length and should contain both letters and numbers.

Input Constraints: The Password must satisfy the following requirements:
  • The Password can contain any character
  • Password and Confirm password must match
  • Minimum length: 8
  • Maximum length: 40
You might see “WARNING: Your password has been detected as weak. Please update your password” This warning message is generated if your password doesn’t meet the Password requirements above.
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Manage Security Policies
Email security if very important, and never more so than now. While of course we expect customers to use STRONG passwords, that is no longer enough, especially if you have used the same password in other places, or accidentally logged in on a compromised network device.

These settings can help restrict access to prevent attackers from gaining access, even if they have gained access to your password somehow or attempted to guess your password.

  • Always use strong passwords
  • Only access your email using encrypted methods
  • Never re-use passwords if you can help it
Here you can set additional security features and lock down your account to only services you use, and eventually only to devices that you personally own and control, and of course enforce access via encrypted channels only.

Enforce Secure Channels (SSL/TLS) For All Services

Choose whether you want to enforce encrypted communications for your email.

This applies to all services, including SMTP, IMAP, and POP.

POP3 (Legacy Mailbox Access)

IMAP is preferred normally over legacy POP3 but if you do need POP access, legacy POP3 (port 110) is being deprecated worldwide, and you should ONLY do this over "secure" channels (SSL/TLS) otherwise you increase the chances of hackers eavesdropping on you and stealing your password.

IMAP can do everything that POP used to do and performs better when accessing your email from multiple devices.
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Countries I Can Access My Email From
A simple way to help reduce attacks against your email accounts, is to simply deny access from countries you never travel to.

Or even more aggressive, you can block access from ANY country except the ones you KNOW that you will be in.

Remember, determining countries is not yet 100% accurate from all IP addresses, and especially from IPv6 addresses. When you 'lock' access to only known countries, locations where the country cannot be determined by IP address may also be blocked. When using a 'Blocked' country list, you might also want to deny from locations where the country cannot be identified as well, just be aware that it might prevent you from accessing your account when travelling or using an unusual way to get online.

Note: Hackers of course can leap frog from any country, but this is a good start in preventing these types of attacks.