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GMail Setup Most, if not all, Android phones require you to use the Gmail E-mail client for setting up mail. This guide will show you how to configure your Gmail Mail application to access MTCO E-mail.
1. Go to settings and select Accounts and backup.
screenshot 1
2. Select Manage accounts.
screenshot 2
3. Select Add account.
screenshot 3
4. Select either IMAP or POP3.
screenshot 4
5. Enter your E-mail address, then select MANUAL SETUP.
screenshot 5

screenshot 6
6. Enter your E-mail password, then select NEXT.
screenshot 7
7. Enter for the Server, then select NEXT.
screenshot 8
8. Enter for the SMTP server, then select NEXT.
screenshot 9
9. Select NEXT.
screenshot 10
10. Enter the name of your account, and enter your name. Then click NEXT.
screenshot 11
That’s it! You just configured your MTCO E-mail in Gmail.