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MyTVs User Guide
Turn your iPhone™, iPad™, or Android™ device into a remote control for your digiMAX TV service!*

MyTVs™ is a free service for MTCO digiMAX customers, but must be activated before the mobile app will work with your account. Simply call MTCO Customer Service at 800-859-6826 (or live chat with us) to activate the mobile apps option on your account.

  • Away from home and realized you forgot to record a program, or want to see what is on TV tonight? No worries, just access MyTVs App!
  • Access your TV Program Guide - Browse and search for programs.
  • Manage DVR Recordings - Schedule and delete recordings.
  • Perform Remote Control functions including changing channels and control volume.
  • Utilize Voice Recognition - Search for shows, change TV channels and more, all with voice commands!
*The MyTVs App delivers remote control functionality with channel guide information and DVR managment on your smartphone/device. This app does not enable viewing, as TV program content can only be viewed on the TV in your home.

A PDF version of this document is available at the following link: PDF Document CommandIQ® User Guide
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Get Started Now
To begin, download the MyTVs™ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install it onto your phone or tablet.
App Store
Step 1
Call MTCO at 800-859-6826 and ask customer service to add MyTVs to your account (in Marseilles call 815-795-5161).

Step 2
Select the MyTVs icon from the screen. Click Add New Account.
MyTVs - screen 1
Step 4
Turn on your TV and press Menu on your TV remote control.
Step 5
Arrow down to Settings (1) then arrow over to Apps (2), then to Device Code (3).
Step 6
In the Manage Your Devices screen, your Device Code and your Passphrase will appear in the window.
MyTVs - screen 2
Step 7
Enter your 6-digit Login Code into the Device Code prompt, then click Pair Device.
Step 8
Then enter your 8-digit Passphrase (your Device Code will automatically populate) and then click Pair Device.

Your set up is complete!
MyTVs - screen 3
Voice Commands
To activate the Voice Commands functionality:
  1. Click on the microphone icon at the top right-hand corner of the MyTVs App.
  2. This will bring up a Voice Commands screen and show a list of available commands.
  3. Click on the Microphone button and speak the command, then tap again when you are finished speaking.
  4. Be sure to use these voice command key words along with additional remote commands as seen on the App screen:

    "Search..." - Use for searching by certain keywords in program titles.
    "Channel..." - To search by channel, will change the TV channel automatically.
    "Watch..." - For searching by show title. Once found, select Change/Watch that show.
MyTVs - screen 3

MyTVs Menu
This action allows you to use your smartphone/device as a functional remote control.
The Guide allows you to view guide information by time and date. Programs may be selected from within the guide to view program details, schedule future recordings, and watch the program.
Channel Guide
View guide information by channel. Programs may be selected within the Guide to view program details, schedule recordings, and watch program.
Currently Watching
Shows what is currently being watched on the selected set top box.
All existing and scheduled recordings may be viewed within the Recordings menu. Select a set top box to see the list of Current, Future and Series recordings. Manage recordings, including recording and deleting programs.
This action allows you to search by titles, programs, keywords, or phrase for a specific program. Search results may be selected to view program details and schedule future recordings. Keep in mind the search function will look for content across channels and Video-On Demand, so you may want to set up parental content filtering on certain set top boxes. To set up Parental Controls based on TV and Movie Ratings you may do so by pressing the Menu button on your remote control, arrow down to Settings and then arrow over to Parental. The default PIN is 0000.
What’s Hot
Real time information about the most popular watched programs in your area as well as the most popular recordings and series recordings. Program may be selected from within What’s Hot to view program details and schedule future recordings. You may tune your TV to a program (when in front of your TV) by selecting Watch on the program details screen.
Mange your account, switch accounts, add devices, and refresh user and guide data.
MyTVs - screen 3
This action allows your smartphone/device to function as a remote control.

If the user swipes to the left, a number pad will appear and the user may enter a specific channel number to tune to, or channel up or down to change channels.
MyTVs - screen 3
To view the program guide data by time, select Guide from the MyTVs menu at the top left corner of the app screen. To view the program guide data by channel, select Channel Guide from the MyTVs Menu.

Begin browsing the Program Guide by swiping left or down.

To filter the program guide, click the Filter Funnel icon. Click on any filters to have them applied to the program guide content and then click Set.
MyTVs - screen 8
MyTVs - screen 7
Currently Watching
To see what is currently playing, select Currently Watching from the MyTVs App menu.

Search uses the universal search feature to look for more show times, recordings, or VOD events.

Record allows the user to set a recording or series recording.
MyTVs - screen 9
To show existing recordings, scheduled future recordings, and series recordings, select the Recordings button from the MyTVs menu (the set top box must be on to access recordings).

To view existing recordings, select the Recorded option at the top of the screen. To view future scheduled recordings, select the Future option. To view Series recordings, select the Series option.

You also have options at the top of the screen to customize how your recordings are listed – Alphabetical or By Date. You can also show the recordings Grouped or Not Grouped. Lastly, you can choose which Folder you would like to view recordings from.
MyTVs - screen 10
When you select a recording, a Program Details window will appear with the program description, the air date and time, and the channel number the program will be aired on. To delete the existing recording or a future scheduled recording, click on the blue Edit which will bring up a Edit Scheduled Recording screen. This screen will give you program details and allows the user to edit Start Time, Stop Time, Folder, and Auto Tune. On the bottom of the screen you can Delete or Save Changes if any changes are made.
MyTVs - screen 11
When you select a Series Rules, an Edit Series Rule page appears. This screen allows you to edit the set top box the Series Rule is saved on, number of episodes saved, Show Type, Auto Tune, Start Time, Stop Time, and Folder where the recordings are saved.

On the bottom of the screen you can Delete or Save Changes if any changes are made.
MyTVs - screen 12
To search for a specific program, select Search from the MyTVs menu.

Enter the desired phrase or keywords into the Search Text field. Click on the search icon.

Results for the search will appear below the Search Text field. Search results are available from the Guide, Recordings, and VOD. By clicking on the different buttons under the search text field, a user will see results for the Program Search from each different section.

From the search results, a user can select the program (episode) they would like to view, and a Program Details screen will appear with the program description, the air date and time, and the channel number the program will be aired.

In the Program Details window, click Search to view future programming or click Record to set a recording of this program.

All channels have Restart TV capability, so you can record the show or event from the beginning.
MyTVs - screen 13
What's Hot
To view the What’s Hot App, select What's Hot from the MyTVs menu. (the set top box must be on to access content).

What’s Hot will show the most watched TV programs, Recordings, and Series Recordings.

To view the program information, select a program and a Program Details window will appear with the program description, the air date and time, and the channel number the program will be aired on.

From this Program Details window, you can also Search for more air times of this program, set a recording of this program, or by selecting the program the TV channel will change to the specified channel.
MyTVs - screen 14
Click on Settings in the MyTVs menu to view Account information.

You can manage their account by clicking on Manage Accounts.

You can also switch to a different account or add another device by clicking on Switch Accounts.

Refresh All Data allows all settings, recordings, and guide data to be refreshed and updated.
MyTVs - screen 15