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MTCO digiMAX User Guide - Apple TV
Supported Apple TV Devices
  • A1625/Apple TV HD
  • A1842/Apple TV 4K (1st Generation)
  • A2169/Apple TV 4K (2nd Generation)
  • A2843/Apple TV 4K (3rd Generation)
*Parental Control Not Supported
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Adding MTCO digiMAX To Your Apple TV
Apple 1
Press the Menu button, swipe Right to the App Store from the home screen of your Apple TV, and press the Touch surface. Select the Search option on the top-level menu and use the on-screen keyboard to type in MTCO digiMAX TV.

Once the installation is completed, you will be prompted for a Login and Passphrase. If you haven’t received these, please contact our office Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. After entering the Login and Passphrase press Sign In and then you are ready to stream.
Navigating the App Content and Lists
You can use the Clickpad to press up/down/left/right or swipe, to navigate through your MTCO digiMAX TV screens. To return to the previous screen press the Back button. To return the Apple TV home screen press the TV/Control Center.
Apple 2
Watching TV
From Home Screen, use the Clickpad to highlight the MTCO digiMAX icon and to open your Channel Guide.

Navigate up or down on the Clickpad to highlight a channel that you want to watch. Then press the Play/Pause button to watch the program.

Channel Surfing
If you want to quickly move to a higher or lower numbered channel in the guide, press up on the Clickpad to go to a higher numbered channel, or press down on the Clickpad to move to a lower numbered channel.

Enter Channel Number Feature
From the Program Guide, press the center of your remote ring twice, a number screen will display that allows you to enter a specific channel number. Press the right or left side of the remote ring to highlight the channel number you want to watch, pressing the center of the remote ring to enter each number. Highlight Done and press the center of your remote ring to go to the selected channel. Press the Play/Pause button to watch the channel.

For You Feature
This feature is "For You" if you prefer a poster view format instead of a traditional Channel Guide look. For You gives you quick access to Channels You’ve Watched, Channels Popular in Your Area, Recent Recordings, Movies On Now, and Movies On Soon. To access For You from the Program Guide, press the Back button on the remote and use the Clickpad to select the For You Option.

On-Screen Guide Management
Apple 3
You can use the Clickpad on any program highlighted in Blue for additional options. Press Watch to view a program that is currently airing. Highlight Record to set a recording for this program. Highlighting and selecting Search allows you to see other times when the program is available to watch or to set a recording for the program.

Program Guide Navigation
You can use the Clickpad to press up/down/left/right, or you can swipe to navigate through the on-screen Program Guide.

Recording Programs From the Guide
Select a program that is currently airing or an upcoming program, then highlight and select Record to create a recording for this program. See the Recording Programs sections of this guide for Recording instructions.

Tab Bar
From the Program Guide, press the Back button to open the Tab Bar. The Tab Bar allows you to navigate Left or Right to access: For You, Guide, Recordings, Video on Demand, Search, and Account. These options will be covered in subsequent pages of this guide.

Apple 4
Account Option - How to Activate a New Device
First, add the MTCO digiMAX app using the instructions on page one. From a previously activated device, open the Account screen and scroll down to highlight and select Add Device. Use the displayed Login and Passphrase to activate the new device.

Recording Your Programs
Recording Options
When you select Record, a screen will display that gives you the options for setting a Series Rule for this program. If you do not want to set a Series Rule for this program, select One-Time Recording. To further manage this recording, go to the Tab Bar and select the Recordings option.

Apple 5
Apple 6
Watching Your Recordings
Recordings can be viewed from either the Recordings or Search screen options. Select Recordings from the Tab Bar to open the Recordings screen. Highlight and select Current to open your recorded program list. Scroll through the list, select the program you want to watch, and press the Play/Pause button on the remote to start watching the program. You can also delete the program by navigating to the Right, and then highlighting and selecting Delete. You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm the deletion.

Apple 7
Search Options
From any of your Search options you can see a list of programs that are currently airing and future times for a specific program. Future programs can be recorded by highlighting and pressing the Record button. For programs that are currently airing, you can either watch the program or select to Record it.

Managing Your Recordings
Current Recordings
To watch or delete current recordings, go to the Tab Bar above the Program Guide and select the Recordings option. Highlight and select Current to open the list of your Current recordings. From this list you can either watch or delete your recorded programs by highlighting the option with your Clickpad. If you choose to Delete a program, you will receive a prompt asking to confirm your deletion.

Protect Recordings
To protect a recording, select the recording you would like to protect. Then from the options provided, select Protect, followed by Yes. To remove protection, select Unprotect followed by No.

Apple 8
Upcoming Recordings
Use the Upcoming feature to manage settings for your future recordings. From the Recordings screen, highlight Upcoming and open the list of Upcoming Recordings. Scroll through the list to highlight and select an Upcoming Program recording that you want to manage. If there are multiple recordings, scroll and highlight the one you want to manage. Highlight and select Edit to open the Edit Recording window. To assure that you do not miss the beginning of a program, you can change the Start Recording time by highlighting and selecting Start Recording. This will open a screen that gives you options on how Early, Late, or On Time you want a program to begin. Scroll through to highlight and select your option. The Stop Recording feature functions the same way as the Start Recording feature and is beneficial when watching sporting events. Once you have finished your changes, highlight and select Save.

Apple 9
Series Rules
Use the Rules feature to manage the episodes of a series that you want recorded automatically. From the Recordings screen, highlight and select Rules to open your list of Series recordings. Scroll through the list; highlight and select the program series that you want to edit. At this point an Edit Rule screen will open. Highlight and select Keep at Most to choose a maximum number of episodes that you want to keep of this series, or you can choose to keep All Episodes. Show Type allows you to keep Only New or All Episodes of a series.

You can also choose to set the Start and Stop Recording times for all episodes in this series. This option works the same way as it does in the Upcoming Recordings. Once you have finished your changes, highlight and select Save.

Restarts TV
Apple 10
This popular feature lets you go back to the beginning of any program that is currently airing or any in-progress recorded program that has the Restart Option.

While watching live TV, click the left dot on the Clickpad to open your control options. Click the bottom dot or swipe down for control access to the Restart feature. Swipe or click Right to highlight the Restart icon, and press the center of your Clickpad to Restart to the beginning of the program. You can also use this feature when you are watching an in-progress or previously recorded program.

Programs that have the Restart option will display the Green Restart icon in the Guide and program description.

Some programs don’t allow for the Restart function because of programming restrictions .

Pause Live TV
Life happens and there may be times when you need to take care of something while watching your favorite program. Use the Pause Live TV feature by pressing the Play/Pause button on your remote control. When you want to restart your paused program just press the Play/Pause button again to restart the program where you left off.

Fast Forward and Rewind Features
There may be times when you want to go back and see that exciting play in the game or fast forward through commercials! To use this feature during an in-progress or recorded program, click the left dot on the Clickpad, to open your control options; using your Clickpad, swipe left to rewind and right to fast forward. To be more precise, click the left dot on your Clickpad to rewind in 30 second increments and click the right dot to fast forward in 30 second increments.

Apple 11
Program Search Features
Apple 12
Use the Search feature from the Tab Bar to find Live, Recorded, and Future programs that can be recorded. Highlight and select Search to open the program search. Use your Clickpad and navigate Left or Right to highlight letters that correspond with the program you are searching for to see results. You can also use the voice activation feature by holding the Microphone button and clearly saying the name of the program that you are searching for.

Note: Dictation mode must be activated in your Apple TV General Settings and the letter bar search must be displayed to use the microphone feature.

The results will include Live and Future times for the programs that match your search. Use your Clickpad to select your program either from the Live TV or Recordings results. Follow the instructions in this guide for watching or recording any of these programs.

Frequently Watched Programs
When watching a live program, if you would like to view one of your frequently watched channels without going back to the guide, swipe Down on the Clickpad to see a list of your favorite channels. Click or swipe Left or Right on your Clickpad to highlight the new channel that you would like to watch, and press the Play/Pause button or the center of the Clickpad to switch to this channel.

Apple 13
Video on Demand
When you select the Video on Demand option from the Tab Bar there will be a variety of Movies and TV shows that you will be able to watch when YOU want to watch them. Use your Clickpad to make your selection and keep checking back for new releases and TV shows that will become available.
Apple 14
Account Option - Add a New Device to MTCO digiMAX TV
Select Settings from the Tab Bar, followed by Devices, then select the Plus Icon. Once selected, a Login and Passphrase will be generated to use on your other device. Follow the directions at the beginning of this guide for adding this service to your Apple TV, and use the displayed Login and Passphrase when you are prompted to activate this service.