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Valued digiMAX Premium Channel Subscriber,

With most premium channels available in HD, MTCO is restructuring the channel numbers for all premium channels on Thursday July 9th. We hope this simplified view will make it easier when channel surfing and checking programs in the on-screen Guide!

Please note the HD only channels in the 700 channel range will also be removed on the above date. You will still have all the premium channels you are used to, we are just restructuring the channel numbering. The new premium channel numbers are listed on our online guide HERE.

For customers with standard definition (SD) Set Top Boxes, you can view all Premium channels that are in HD on your SD Set Top Boxes. We hope you enjoy this added benefit! If you have any questions about your screen size when viewing an HD channel on your SD TV, just give MTCO technical support a call at 800-859-6826.
New Premium Channel Numbers ▼
New Premium Channel Numbers ▲
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We're very fortunate to have MTCO service offered in Washington. By profession, I handle Telecom / Internet services with most major carriers in the US (CenturyLink/Level3, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum/Charter, Windstream, Lightower, ITV-3/i3broadband... you name it.) I assure you, MTCO's service delivery and support are second to none.

- Marc W.