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Add Stream TV to your MTCO Internet package!

40+ Channels
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110+ Channels
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200+ Channels
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Premium Channels -- Details Below
HD Set-Top Box
Cloud DVR
$ 9/mo.
Exciting TV Features!
Stream TV to Your Devices
ReStart TV
On Demand
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S imple, Easy and No Installation required! Enjoy crystal clear HD channels including local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. MTCO high speed Internet required. MTCO Wi-Fi equipment or a customer provided Wi-Fi 6 router is required. Prices shown include a $30 package discount. Additional taxes and fees apply. Channel line ups may vary depending on service area.

Unlimited Data
Enjoy Unlimited Data on your MTCO Internet plan when you add digiMAX Stream TV to your bundle!
Complete FREEDOM to browse, stream and more without worrying about your data usage!

Stream TV to Your Devices!
  • 3 digiMAX TV Streams included
    Stream to 3 devices simultaneously!
    • Add 2 Streams for $ 5/mo
    • Add 5 Streams for $10/mo
  • Register up to 12 devices to use the app
    Choose your own compatible device to view your favorite shows!
  • MTCO Wi-Fi Router/Wi-Fi 6 Router required
    Try our Premium Managed Home Wi-Fi Service
    FREE for 3 months with Internet and TV!
    ($17 /mo after initial trial period)
  • Take and Travel
    Watch anytime or anywhere without being tied to a specific location! *Local channels and some sports channels are not available due to geo-location restrictions.

TV Streaming
See a full list of supported devices

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MTCO recommends the following 3rd party devices for use with digiMAX Stream TV service.

TV features apps and remote
Enjoy These TV Features!
  • Cloud DVR
    Record-to and watch-from the cloud with no hardware required. Record 6 streams at once!
  • MyTVs App
    View content, manage DVR, voice recognition, & more with the MyTVs App!
  • ReStart TV
    ReStart or pause a program that is already in progress. Available on ALL channels!
  • On Demand
    Instant access to a Variety of FREE Movies and TV Shows!
  • watchTVeverywhere
    Get access to additional content with watchTVeverywhere.

Add Premium Channels!
Add premium channels to your digiMAX TV package! Ask us about premium channel paks and save!

HBO / Max
Showtime / The Movie Channel
Starz / Encore
premium channels-HBO, Cinemax, StarzEncore, Showtime

Is Service Available In My Area?
MTCO TV Service is available in parts of the following Illinois Counties:

Woodford · Tazewell · LaSalle
Check Our Service Area Map Here