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Follow these useful tips to ensure an accurate test...
  • If you use a VPN, please verify you are disconnected from the VPN before running a speed test.
  • A hard wired device will almost always provide a much more accurate speed test versus a wireless device.
  • If using a WiFi connected device, make sure you are utilizing the 5.0 Ghz band and not the 2.4 GHz. For MTCO customers this SSID typically ends in “-5G” or “-Fast”.
  • If using a cell phone, make sure you are connected to your MTCO WiFi network and are not testing through your cellular providers network connection.
  • For the best test using WiFi, you will want to be in closer proximity to your router and have 4-5 bars for your WiFi connection.
  • Different web browsers can sometime return very different speed test results. When in doubt, try using an alternate web browser.
  • Remember that other devices connected on your home network that are utilizing data at the same time of your speed test will lower your result, as will other applications that may currently be running on your own device (streaming music players, background application updates, etc).
This device's IP address is:

It does not appear that you are connected via an MTCO IP address.

If you are using MTCO Internet service while connected to a VPN please disconnect your VPN prior to testing as reporting may be negatively impacted.
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