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Smoother streaming
Faster downloads
Extended range
Optimized whole home performance on ALL your wireless devices

MTCO digimax wifi router
Available with MTCO Fiber Optic Internet and High-Speed Internet services.
Enhanced Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Six powerful built-in antennas to increase range and speed.
  • Seven times more capacity with the latest 802.11ac/5GHz "Wave 2" standard, which means faster Wi-Fi speed for you!
  • Beamforming Reach - Wi-Fi signals are dynamically focused in the direction of your devices improving range and throughput.
  • Smart Channel Selection - Analysis of interfence in real time to select the best Wi-Fi channel automatically.
Always Improving
  • Updates and analytics are automatically applied to optimize:
    • Wi-Fi performance
    • Network security - Unlike other wireless routers, your GigaCenter's firmware is updated automatically to dramatically reduce vulnerability to security hacks.
Worry-Free Managed Remote Support
  • Wi-Fi analytics and tools enable MTCO techs to provide remote support to fix most problems without the need for on-site service.
  • Regular Backup -Quick restoration if it ever needs reset/replaced.
NetValet Self-Help Mobile App
  • Guest Wi-Fi - Easily setup a Guest Wi-Fi Network for visitors that is securely isolated from your home network and devices.
  • Monitor your Internet traffic and manage traffic to all devices.
  • Set up parental controls.
NetValet App available for doawnload at the following links:
digiMAX Managed Wi-Fi Service with GigaCenter only $7/mo.
Local remote tech support, auto updates, easily replace if it fails, and
you will not be tied to equipment as technology changes.

Other charges, requirements and restrictions may apply.
NFL RedZone - Now Available in the digiMAX Sports Pak