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digiMAX Wiring Specs
All digiMAX services (TV, Internet and phone) run on CAT5e or CAT6 wiring within your home. CAT6 is preferred because it will carry a higher level of service for future technology needs. All wiring must be home run to a central location. You should take charge of a couple of things with your builder, electrician or wiring contractor very early in the build process:

  1. Make sure that you specify TV, Internet and phone CAT 5e/6 outlets at every location that you may even dream of needing those services someday. A smart TV may need a dual run for data and TV. At the pre-wire phase of construction, these additions are simple and not costly. If added after the home is complete, additional outlets can prove costly or even impossible to install!
  2. Verify that the wiring contractor has a CAT5e/6 home run wiring specifications outline like the one included below. If not, call MTCO at 309-367-4197 and we will provide one for the contractor. It is absolutely critical to your ability to enjoy the full benefits of digiMAX services that the in-home wiring is installed properly.
Contractor Wiring Specifications for digiMAX Services
  • All wiring should be Cat5e or CAT6 data cabling. Cable and satellite services still use coax cabling, while digiMAX services are all IP based data network services.
  • All wiring must be home-run to a central point in the basement, usually a utility or furnace room where electrical and HVAC are located. Wiring cannot be daisy-chained! This includes wiring for data (internet), voice, and TVs.
  • There must be an electrical outlet at the convergence point of the wires to power the • Optical Network Terminal (ONT).
  • Voice and Internet/Data outlets require a single Cat5e/6 line per outlet.
  • TV jacks: Smart TVs may require 2 Cat5e/6 wires per location. One for the TV service, plus an internet connection for Netflix and Hulu-type streaming services. Many TVs can use wireless, but the best solution during construction is always 2 wires to each TV location to insure the ability to meet customer’s current and future expectations.
  • Remember, digiMAX services are Cat5e/6 based. You may optionally add coax cables in the event the homeowner wants the option of Cable and satellite services.
  • If interested, you may call MTCO, at 800-859-6826 to schedule a final inspection before insulation is installed. A Fiber optic or copper cable must also be routed from the outside of the home to the central wiring point while access is available.
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