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MyTVs Manage your DVR recordings from anywhere. Connect to your DVR enabled set-top boxes to schedule and manage DVR recordings even when you are not at home. Schedule new recordings or view programs currently being recorded. View and search the TV program guide for your favorite shows or programs.
NetValet Calix NetValet is an intuitive, easy-to-use app that lets you set up guest Wi-Fi using simple steps and set parental controls. The app includes the following features:
  • Guest Wi-Fi network setup - Enables you to set up guest Wi-Fi so that your guests can enjoy their own network to access the internet in your home.
  • Policy management - Enables you to create policies to time block access to the internet.
  • Parental control - Enables you to apply one or more policies (created via the policy manager) to connected user devices.
Supports the following models - Calix GigaCenter 844G, 854G, and 844E
Stingray Music With Stingray Music, you've got all the music genres right at your fingertips. The best music for every moment, place and mood in your life, curated by music experts from around the globe. FREE with your subscription to a TV provider that offers the Stingray Music service
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