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 MTCO E-mail setup instructions


Setting up E-Mail on an Android

Samsung Galaxy S4 used in example

Step 1:
Start by navigating to the Apps list on your phone.
Or if you have the Email icon already on your main screen, open it now.

Step 2:
Tap on the Email app
Note: Not all default e-mail programs support our e-mail.

An alternate is MailDroid if setup will not work properly on the default Email app.

Step 3:
Tap on the Menu button on your Android device.
It will look similar to the icons at the bottom.
Then press "Settings" on the menu that pops up.

Step 4:
Tap on Add Account

Step 5:
Enter in your e-mail address and password.
You can tap on Show password to make sure you entered it correctly.
Tap on Manual setup once you have entered the information in.

Step 6:
Tap on POP3 account.

Step 7:
Enter in your account information.
Note: Make sure you do not use @mtco.com in the username field.

Note: Make sure you change Security type to SSL (Accept all certificates) or e-mail may not work properly.

Tap Next when done.

Step 8:
Enter in your account information. Verify username is entered as well.

Note: Make sure you do not use @mtco.com in the username field.

Note: Make sure that "Require sign-in." is checked or you may not be able to send mail.

Tap Next when done.

Step 9:
You can change these settings if you want to. Defaults work fine.

Tap Next when done.

Step 10:
Here you can name the account. Defaults work fine.

Tap Donewhen done.

Step 11:
Completed succesfully!
You should now be able to send/receieve MTCO E-Mail on your Android.

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