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 MTCO E-mail setup instructions

Windows 10 Mail

Setting up E-Mail on Windows 10

Step 1:
Navigate to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on the Start button After you have opened the start menu, click on All apps

Step 2:
Under the letter M find the Mail app

Step 3:
Click on + Add account

Step 4:
Scroll down and select Advanced Setup

Step 5:
Click on Internet email

Step 6:
Enter your account information...

·Account name is your personal description for the account

·Your name is the name sent when you send an e-mail

·Do NOT use @mtco.com in the username field. If your e-mail address is test@mtco.com you would just use test for your username

·Password field is the password for your e-mail account. If you do not have this password, tech support can assist you with retrieving it

·Make sure all 4 checkboxes are checked at the very bottom

Step 7:
Your account should be set up succesfully. Press done to finish setup

Step 8:
You will be brought to the main Accounts screen. Make sure your MTCO account is selected in blue and press Ready to go

Step 9:
Your e-mail account is now ready to use! If you don't see any emails, click the Sync button, which will send/recieve all your messages

Completed succesfully!

You should now be able to send/receieve MTCO E-Mail on Windows 10.
To start sending e-mails you just press + New mail

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