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Relax with the logical choice of MTCO's HomeGuard! This plan covers telephone, TV, and computer wiring, jacks, and damaged MTCO equipment due to power surges, lightning strikes, or accidental damage. It also includes FREE service calls for any MTCO related issues if we're unable to solve the problem over the phone!

$5/mo. for residential Internet only customers
$7/mo. for residential TV only, double and triple play customers

Add Managed Wi-Fi with HomeGuard and SAVE!
Call us today for details!

  • HOMEGUARD covers the repair/replacement of:
    • Telephone, TV, and data wiring and jacks
      (phone wire and Ethernet wire only, coax is not covered)
    • Filters / splitters
    • IPTV Set Top Boxes
    • Modems / Routers
    • GigaCenter
    • Adapters
    • Remote Controls
    • Battery Back-up Units
      (applies to fiber telephone customers only, $20 battery replacement fee applies)
  • FREE service calls for any MTCO service issue if we are unable to solve your problem over the phone. Free unlimited service calls are subject to reasonable limitations as determined by MTCO.
    • Charges for adding services, moving services, or changing services are billable.
    • Without HomeGuard, on-site support charges include a $40 on-site service charge plus $80/hr. labor charges, billed in half-hour increments. Equipment replacement fees vary per device.
  • All non-MTCO equipment such as TVs, telephones, computers, tablets, etc are not covered or supported under this plan.
  • Any equipment replaced under HomeGuard coverage needs to be returned to MTCO.
  • If HomeGuard is activated after initial installation, there is a 30-day wait period before coverage starts.
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