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Remote Control Diagram Potenza
Potenza Diagram
Potenza Shortcuts Diagram List
Easily Access DVR, Settings & More

Press the LIST button for easy, one button access to your DVR recordings. Press the MENU button to display the Main Menu to access your DVR Recordings, My TV for channel guide options, My Phone, My Apps and My Settings.

Remote Control Shortcuts

Press one of the four colored buttons on your remote control to quickly perform various functions:

Potenza Shortcuts Diagram
RED- Quickly check current local weather conditions. When viewing this forecast window, press the green button for 5-day forecast.*

GREEN- View recent home phone calls and listen to voice mail messages...all while sitting in front of your TV! (if subscribed to MTCO CallerID & Voice Mail)

YELLOW- Access MyApps. While in the Guide, you can also press the yellow button to perform a program title search to list all shows with the highlighted title.

BLUE- While in the Guide, press the blue button to show only channels that you are currently subscribed to.

*For national/midwest/local radars and additional weather, go to digiMAX myWeather Channel 401 (channel 411 in HD).

Potenza Shortcuts Diagram Arrow
Press the Left Arrow button to display a search window where you can enter a program title to search for a program.
Instant access to over 7,000 ON DEMAND titles!

Press the ON DEMAND button on your remote control to browse folders to find a vast library of movies and TV shows.

PIN NUMBER - When ordering Pay-Per-View and Video-On-Demand you will be asked to enter your PIN number. The default PIN number is 0000. If you wish to change the PIN number please see the online Users Guide or call MTCO Tech Support.
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