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Security Policy FAQ
At MTCO, we are committed to protecting your account information.
We are pleased to announce a new, enhanced Customer Security Policy.
IMPORTANT: Effective 09/01/2018, we will assist only those people that are listed on your account AND know the Security Password or can answer the two Security Questions.

If you know your Security Password and Questions, no further action is needed at this time.

If you don’t know, or want to change your Security Password and Questions:
If I don't have a Security Password and Security Questions setup after 09/01/2018 what will happen?
If you are an account owner, you will be required to setup a Security Password and Security Questions before proceeding to what you contacted or visited us for. To properly identify you as the account owner you will be asked several questions, including your Account Number, Invoice Number, and the Total Due on one of your latest MTCO invoices.

After 09/01/2018 if I don't know my Security Password and Security Questions what will happen?
If you are listed on the account, then: After 09/01/2018 if I'm not listed on the account what will happen?
An account owner will need to contact us to add you to the account. The account owner will have to know the Security Password or answer the two Security Questions.

What if I don't know who is currently listed on my account?
You can call or visit your local office.

Will I have to provide my Security Password if I come into the office?
You will have to provide your Security Password or answer the two Security Questions if you contact MTCO by phone or Chat or email. If you visit the office you can optionally show your valid, state-issued photo I.D. Note, however, you will still need to be listed on the account regardless of how you contact us.

Will I have to provide my Security Password every time I contact MTCO?
Yes. You will be required to provide your Security Password or answer the two Security Questions each time.

How is the Security Password & Security Questions different from my eBill Password & Security Question?
The Security Password & Security Questions that are part of this new Customer Security Policy will be used when you contact MTCO by phone/Chat/email, or visit the office. These are completely separate from your eBill Password and Security Question, which are used to login to your eBill account online to make payments, view your usage, download invoices, etc.

I never had to have a password before, and it was so much easier, why is MTCO requiring it now?
Our new Security Policy is for your protection and will allow us to verify your identity. We want to protect your personal information from identity theft, and assure that no changes are made to your account without your authorization.

I know several people that work at MTCO, will I still need to provide my Security Password?
Yes. While we at MTCO enjoy knowing many of the people in the communities that we serve, it is important that our new policy be applied consistently for every customer.
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