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Bundle your services in Marseilles, Germantown Hills, Metamora and Washington, IL!
digiMAX Internet
  • FREE Install to one computer*
  • Pick the Speed You Need:
    If you're in a
    MAX50 Internet

    internet speed starts at up to 50 Mbps
    upgrade your internet speed...
    call us for details and availability
    If you're in a
    Fiber Optic

    internet speed starts at up to 100 Mbps
    upgrade your internet speed...
    up to 0250 Mbps add $10/ mo.
    up to 1000 Mbps add $40/ mo.
digiMAX TV
150 channels available in crystal-clear HD
That's 35 more HD Channels than cable!
more than
200 available channels
  • FREE HD to first TV*
  • FREE Install up to 4 TVs*
  • Single TV & Whole-Home DVR
  • Instant access to over 7000 Video-On Demand TV Shows & Movies!
  • watchTVeverywhere stream some of your favorite channels to your tablet, smartphone, laptop and other devices
digiMAX Voice
  • FREE Unlimited long distance*
  • FREE calling feature package*
  • FREE Caller ID on your TV*
    Caller identification on your TV before the phone rings!

  • Manage your Voice Mail online, automatically deliver to your e-mail, and access from any phone
  • 911 calls go directly to your local dispatcher in an emergency
Call Today and SAVE with bundled, no gimmick pricing!
Check your area for availability of MTCO services using our
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SELECT Triple Play
  • Internet
  • TV
  • Voice
  • more than 100 channels!
  • Internet Service
    (20M/2M VDSL or 100M/10M Fiber)
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Calling Feature package
  • E911
$117 / month*
SELECT Safety Triple Play
  • Internet
  • TV
  • Voice Safety Line
  • more than 100 channels!
  • Internet Service
    (20M/2M VDSL or 100M/10M Fiber)
  • E911 and inbound calls only
$109 / month*
SELECT Double Play
  • Internet
  • TV
  • more than 100 channels!
  • Internet Service
    (20M/2M VDSL or 100M/10M Fiber)
$99 / month*
All internet services now available with 
Smoother streaming
Faster downloads
Extended range
Optimized whole home performance
FREE HD Set Top Box to first TV!
add a 2nd box & TV
each additional:

Digital: $5 /month
HD: $10 /month
Upgrade to EXPANDED package!

$13 /month for 45 more channels
and 50 Stingray music channels!

DVR Service to One TV $9 /month
Pause live TV, playback & record.

Whole-Home DVR $14 /month
Record in 1 room & watch in others with 1 DVR.
Manage recordings from 1 room or your smart phone & watch from any set top box with 1 DVR.

MTCO premium channels
Add premium channels and more to your package -- details at our channel lineup page.
* Limited time offer. 1-yr. agreement required for all discounts. Not available in all areas. Monthly rates are standard, non-promotional rates. Free installation up to 4 TV's, $80 per TV after first 4. More complex installs may require additional fees. A high-definition TV is required to view HDTV signals. All free and leased installed MTCO equipment (set top boxes, adapters, etc.) remain property of MTCO and must be returned at cancellation or unreturned equipment fee will apply. Location may determine max number of TV's allowed. Unlimited long distance calling for residential service and continental U.S. only. Cannot be used for business purposes such as telemarketing, broadcast faxes, etc. MTCO may restrict or cancel service if inconsistent with residential voice usage. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Internet service data plan includes 1 Terabyte (that's 1000 GB!) per monthly billing period. For more details, see FAQ at Federal, state and local taxes, governmental regulatory fees and surcharges, if any, are additional. Other charges, conditions, requirements and restrictions may apply. Offer may not be combined with any other offer and is non-transferable. Customers can choose digiMAX Wi-Fi service for $8/mo (router included) or provide 3rd party router for wireless internet.