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How do I set up MTCO E-mail on my device?

You can find directions for setting up your MTCO E-mail by clicking on the icon below that corresponds to the device or program that you are using.

What is the MTCO E-mail dashboard and how do I use it?

The MTCO E-mail Dashboard allows you to oversee several aspects of your MTCO e-mail account including spam management, changing passwords, adding/removing e-mail addresses, and more! Please note that the e-mail dashboard can be accessed while also using a 3rd party program such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, etc. or in conjunction with our own digiMAX Webmail web based e-mail option.

How do I recover a lost or forgotten MTCO E-mail password?

MTCO Tech Support is happy to help you retrieve a password via telephone after fully verifying that you are an authorized user of the account. Call 800-859-6826.

I can't find an E-mail that someone said they sent to my MTCO E-mail address. Where is it?

If you seem to be missing E-mails that others have clamed are being sent to you, the most common place to check would be to log into the MTCO webmail service, go into the spam folder, and see if they are being delivered there.

I received a message about my MTCO E-mail quota. What does it mean?

The reason that you are recieving the E-mail quota alert is because your allotted space on our servers that stores your E-mail appears to be full. You can log into your webmail and clean out the folders of E-mails that you may not have been aware of or that you don't need anymore.

How do I submit spam or suspicious E-mail to MTCO for review when it reaches my inbox?

You can submit any spam or suspicious E-mail that you receive to MTCO for review by sending it as an attachment to:

If you are using the MTCO Webmail interface this can be done as follows:

While viewing the E-mail in question click on the Forward button at the top of your screen and then select Forward as attachment from the resulting drop-down menu.

Forward as attachement

In the To: box enter the address as follows:

If you are using a different E-mail client the steps will be similar but not exactly the same as above.

If you require assistance please contact technical support and we will be glad to help!

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If you're having trouble with your MTCO service after using these provided resources, please reach out to our local customer service or tech support teams via telephone or E-mail. Our home-town staff is ready to help!

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